Water, the source of life

Earth, air, fire and water – these four primordial elements make up our world according to ancient beliefs. Although modern science has left these archaic beliefs behind eons ago, the name “Blue Planet” derives from one of these mythological primordial element. 

Water, the source of future

Why is it important to treasure our freshwater? The healthy freshwater stock of Earth fit for human consumption is not limitless. Moreover, the stock is much smaller than one would think though the size of all the bodies of water on Earth combined is 1.6 M km3, 82% of it is salt water of oceans and seas on our Planet.​

The source of health and beauty

Healthy drinking water and the consumption of sufficient quantity of liquid are essential to a healthy life, to the preservation of beauty and fitness. The exact amount of liquid needed by a person depends on personal characteristics, place of living and physical activity. 

Water, the source of development

Motto: “The history of water is seemingly the history of trivialities and yet, water is a matter of life and death. The future of water is a strategic question.” (László Somlyódy, 2002.)