The land of healing waters

The Carpathian Basin is the region richest in thermal and medicinal water in Europe. Medicinal waters found here are outstanding for the number of kind of therapies they can be used for and also for their temperature. The host of the conference Hungary is not only thus a land of medical waters but also a balneological world-power.

The world of spas of the good old times

The ancestors of Hungarians were familiar with the positive effects of water, they paid great attention to personal hygiene, and – among others – tried to prevent certain epidemics by bathing. Our marauding ancestors used to put up special water tents, in which they bathed first in steam generated by pouring water on hot rock, followed by bathing in ice cold water. There were some who set up leather sacks with taps, so-called drippers.

The renaissance of balneology

Hungarian balneology has been an internationally acclaimed profession from its very inception. The Hungarian Balneological Society was founded in 1891 as one of the first medical societies.

When is water a healing water?

Not all mineral and thermal waters are healing waters as opposed to general belief. The use of the label “healing” is regulated by laws in Hungary, as it is – in fact – in most of the countries in the world.

Lake Hévíz, the Biggest Healing Lake of Europe

This wonderful thermal lake, which can be visited all year round, is located close to the biggest fresh water lake of Central Europe in a unique natural environment. It has been a popular health resort as far back as the 17th century. A unique speciality of Hévíz medicine is that weight baths, invented by medical specialist Károly Moll Sr., were first used here.

Thermal Bath and Spa of Nagyatád

The water of the drilled thermal wells has been used for more than a hundred years, since 1906, in Nagyatád, the city of parks and baths. The spa, located in the centre of the town in the park of Széchenyi Square, attracts visitors from faraway.  The thermal water suitable for both drinking and bathing cures is one of the most effective registered medical waters in the country. The outdoor pools located in the bath park as well as the whole territory of the bath welcomes guests all year round. 

Sárvár Spa and Wellness Centre

Sárvár Spa and Wellness Centre welcomes its guest with an impressive scene right at arrival. Special architecture, practical, yet impressive inner and outer harmony await the visitors who are offered a special bath experience and regeneration in the unique medical water. No question, the most important attraction of Sárvár is the two types of medical water on which the bath culture of today is based.

The Water Resort and Sports swimming Complex of Hódmezővásárhely

The tradition of bath life in Vásárhely dates back to 80 years– the bath was opened in the centre of the town on July 14th, 1929.  The Török Sándor Strandfürdő és Gyarmati Dezső Sportuszoda is located in a huge, park-like setting. A number of outdoor thermal pools in an easily accessible, quiet environment comfort those with rheumatologic diseases.

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