Mineral Waters of Hungary

When we speak of natural mineral waters Hungarian natural resources are outstanding in the world to say the least. The basis of all these properties is the tectonic structure, the geological environment of Hungary.

What is in Water?

One third of the liquid intake requirements of an adult are covered by solid food, the rest, the remaining two thirds by liquids. Good quality running drinking water and mineral water play an outstanding role in providing the body with the latter. 

From Clay to Glass

From the ancient ages man has been attempting to store food and liquids with a minimal loss in quality and minimal decomposition, to make sure they are fit for human consumption for as long as possible. Good packaging also made the storage and shipment easier. Here are some prime examples from old times.

How to Handle Mineral Water?

Just like all beverages, the consumption of water also has a special serving and physiological aspects, moreover even protocol and fashion. This might come in handy for not only health conscious people but also for the gourmands.

Mineral Water Collections in Hungary

Mineral water culture has a rich tradition in Hungary. There are several collections treasuring the worthwhile pieces and those of technological heritage. Let us introduce you to two of these places. One of them is number one not only in Central Europe but in the whole world.

Main Types of Mineral and Medical Waters

Mineral and medical waters can be grouped according to their chemical characteristics; their medical advantages may also vary. Below you will find a short introduction to the groups and also a list of their most important characteristics and sources and we provide you with a guide to labelling as well.