Water awareness attitudes in Hungarian society

Based on the Forsense Institute’s previous representative surveys concerning environmental sustainability, we can conclude that Hungarian society is sensitive to the problems associated with water at the global, the national and the local level as well. The problems ranging from water scarcity as a source of international conflicts (water and peace) to water cleanliness (sanitation) are ranked high among the environmental challenges expected in the future. According to a 2013 survey, the largest number of people, almost fifty percent of all respondents, felt that the lack of water for human consumption is one of the greatest socio-economic problem facing mankind, while one in five respondents actually saw that as the number one challenge.

A global change of attitudes and immediate action may save the Earth – Living Planet Report

The World Wide Fund for Nature – formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund – has recently published its 2016 Living Planet Report, centred around the idea that we have moved from the Holocene to the Anthropocene epoch, and that mankind needs to make major and immediate changes in order to survive in this new era.

Climate change and the scarcity of drinking water are the greatest dangers threatening the future of humanity

In a survey conducted by Forsense in February 2016, half the respondents considered climate change to be a major risk for the future of humanity. Many of the sources of danger seen as particularly serious were associated with natural and environmental challenges. The lack of drinking water fit for human consumption was in third place among the most frequently mentioned dangers.

Where can humanity place its trust?

The three areas we consider to be of the greatest importance for the future of humanity are the development of medical science, the use of renewable energy sources and the availability of water fit for human consumption – says a survey conducted by Forsense.

Water and awareness

The perception of environmental problems in Hungary, especially of challenges about water.