Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

Budapest Water Summit 2013 and 2016

Would you like to know more about the Budapest Water Summit 2013 and 2016? Find more information regarding the events here. 

Give the Future a Chance!

The first Budapest Water Summit held in 2013 clearly contributed to the adoption of a stand-alone Sustainable Development Goal on water-related challenges (Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Water and Sanitation). Thus the outcomes of the Summit – stated in its closing document, the Budapest Statement –, became an integral part of the UN sustainable development agenda. The event had more than 1,400 registered participants from 105 countries. It was attended by the UN Secretary-General, heads of UN agencies, more than 30 ministers, representatives of the world's major university centres and leading industrial companies.

The Summit covered all water-related issues in a complex and interconnected manner combining policy, scientific, financial-economic as well as governmental and non-governmental approaches and inputs. The conference also presented practical, accessible, affordable solutions to the main challenges identified.

Water Connects

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 (BWS 2016), was one of the most important water-related events on a global scale in 2016.  One of the main objectives of the Summit was to tackle the finance gap that exists in the water sector, and in this respect, it is crucial to point out that nine senior representatives of the most important and far-reaching international financial institutions were present, including the World Bank Group. Representatives of the development banks pledged to double the funds available for water related investments in the next 5 years during the meeting of the High-Level Panel on Water, which was held on the margins of the BWS 2016. 

Focusing on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda, the Summit also adopted a plan of action for measures to be implemented in the next 15 years in order to tackle water-related challenges.
Among the participants of the BWS 2016, the organisers had the honour to welcome heads of states and governments, 16 ministers and several delegations of deputy ministers and state secretaries, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, as well as leaders and high-level UN officials.

The outcome document of the BWS 2016 (Budapest Water Summit 2016 Messages and Policy Recommendations) covers six topics: drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, water-use efficiency, integrated water resources management, water quality, and finally the protection of the environment, addressing all aspects of the water cycle in an integrated and comprehensive manner. The outcome document serves as a guide for public and private sector actors, including of course governments, and our hope is that it will serve as a valuable soft law instrument in the years to come.

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