Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

Budapest - The Spice of Europe

The Hungarian Tourism Agency launched a campaign in the middle of May, 2018 with the slogan: “Budapest, the Spice of Europe”.

 The concept of the campaign is based on the distinctive characteristics of the Hungarian capital, such as its diverse architecture: Moorish, Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, Neo-Classicistic – examples for all of these architectural styles can be found in Budapest. The city boasts a wonderful built and natural environment - the sight of the Danube, the hills of Buda offer an amazing experience.

Another such characteristic of Budapest is its diverse and vibrant gastronomy. The capital offers a great variety of street food, Michelin-starred restaurants, bistros, family restaurants, brunch places, market halls. Chimney cake and lángos are iconic local specialities, but you can taste examples of the heritage of Jewish-Hungarian cuisine or Hungarian comfort food, such as potato casserole or fried pig ears.

The creativity of Hungarian chefs, the unforgettable flavours of the country’s ever evolving cuisine will certainly captivate you. Explore the new Mecca of gastro-hedonists: from historic coffee houses to ruin pubs, from gastro bars to fine dining, Budapest provides many temptations for those who love to eat.

The gastronomic excellence focuses on quality and tradition, using the unique, high quality Hungarian ingredients such as Mangalica pork, goose or duck liver and lots of paprika. Once you experience the taste of Hungarian spices, you’ll never forget it: it’s piquant, peppery and yes, a bit heavy. 4 Michelin-starred restaurants (one of them 2 starred) and many luxurious but still affordable restaurants are waiting for you to explore, but if you prefer more affordable and still creative cuisine, look for the quality street food places and trendy wine bars.

Its rich and colourful cultural life is also among the most important features of Budapest: in the Hungarian capital, you will meet more than a thousand years of Hungarian cultural history almost on every corner. The city boasts an abundance of museums, exciting exhibitions, concerts of both classical and popular music, as well as a wide range of other cultural events. Visitors can feast their eyes on such amazing sites as the world’s third largest Parliament building and Europe’s largest synagogue, and they can also enjoy many cultural festivals in the Hungarian capital throughout the entire year.

Budapest is one of the world’s most culturally, architecturally, and environmentally beautiful and historic modern mid-sized cities, with sparkling life and an authentic character. It is a metropolis that is historic, yet modern at the same time and has all the classical and cosmopolitan aspects of a European capital. It is popular among locals and visitors for its stimulating, liberating atmosphere: Budapest is definitely a city full of vitality.

Budapest is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site that comprises the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrassy Avenue. It is famed for its breathtaking architecture and photogenic river scenery and is the home to a lively filming and film set industry

Further information: spiceofeurope.com

The capital of medical waters – History

The Hungarian capital is called the spa capital of the world rightly so, since plenty of the countires thermal springs and spas can be found here.

Hungary - The land of waters

Whether it is the country’s strong folk culture, spas and baths, the cowboys of the “puszta”, the beautiful Parliament building, the spicy and hearty cuisine favouring paprika, in Hungary you are guaranteed to find authentic, impulsive and profound experiences that will turn into memories you will remember for the rest of your life.

Baths and Spas

Budapest is not just the heart of Hungary, but also the heart of 125 thermal springs which made Budapest a secret garden of baths and spas.


Hungary is famous for its excellent food, as traditional Hungarian cuisine is among the best and richest in Europe. The country is a land where people’s love of food make eating out an enjoyable experience for anyone who comes here. Creative recipes, quality ingredients, and friendly service meet in the country’s gastronomy, offering a vivid fusion of authentic and modern meals.

Hungary: our landlocked country full of water

Discover Hungary, our landlocked country full of water, through the eyes of National Geographic Photographer, Stephen Alvarez.

Heart of Europe

It is almost impossible to list everything that is worth doing, seeing or tasting in Hungary, and especially in the nation’s capital and largest city for hundreds of years – Budapest.