Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

Americans also think that climate change is a problem

A new survey by CBS News shows that two-thirds of the Americans believe climate change is a crisis or a severe problem. 56 percent believe that immediate action is required to resolve the situation.

64% of the respondents said that climate change was a crisis but at least a severe problem, 20 percent assessed it as a medium-size problem, while 16 percent believed it was nothing to worry about.

More than half the respondents, 56 percent said that immediate action was required to curb the negative effects of climate change.
26 percent felt that it would be enough to do something about it in the near
or even the distant future,
while 18 percent said we
didn’ have to do anything.

The CBS survey has also explored the optimism of the respondents about humanity’s options in relation to climate change: 19 percent believed we can stop it, 48 percent believed we can slow it down but not stop it altogether, while 23 percent said that humanity has no way at all to influence the process.

Only 9 percent of respondents claimed that human activities were not responsible for climate change at all, with an additional 20 percent responding that our influence is minimal. Half the respondents said they believed that there was no scientific consensus on the degree to which climate change was caused by human activities and by natural processes.

The change in US public opinion is explained by the fact that the Democratic candidates for next year’s presidential elections place a strong emphasis on climate change in their debates.

Video: YouTube/CBS News
Further information: The Guardian

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