Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

The UN Secretary General urges immediate action to avoid a climate catastrophe

Speaking in Abu Dhabi, UN Secretary General António Guterres emphasised that the process of climate change is happening faster than predicted.

“We are here because the world is facing a grave climate emergency,” said the chief of the global organisation at a climate meeting held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates in preparation for the New York climate summit in September.

“Every week brings new climate-related devastation,” he said, quoting floods, droughts, heat waves, wildfires and severe storms as examples.

“Climate change is running faster than we are,”

warned Guterres, who has called a world summit in New York for 23 September because some countries are failing to comply with the 2015 Paris Agreement, whose main objective is to limit global temperature rise by 2100 to below 2 degrees Celsius relative to pre-industrial levels. The desired goal is actually 1.5 degrees.

Video: YouTube/TRT World Now

The UN Secretary General emphasised that

even if all the undertakings of the Paris Agreement were honoured, we would still face a global temperature increase of at least 3 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, which would have catastrophic consequences for
life on Earth.

He called for ambitious and urgent action to avoid further escalation of the situation.

The climate summit to be held in New York in September will be the first meeting attended by world leaders since the Paris Conference.

Each week brings new climate-related devastation Photo: Shutterstock
Further information: UNFCCC

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