Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

IKEA takes the next step to enable a more sustainable living

During Democratic Design Days, IKEA presented and announced several initiatives towards becoming people and planet positive. These include a new collection using waste plastic recovered from the Mediterranean, a prototype plant-based alternative to the meatball and an urban plant-growing collaboration with designer Tom Dixon.

“People want to live in more sustainable ways and our ambition is to make sustainable living affordable, attractive and inspiring for the many people,” says Torbjörn Lööf, CEO of Inter IKEA Group. “That’s why, together with others, we are exploring many new and exciting solutions.”

New initiatives

Recently announced and ongoing initiatives

“From our own history we know that challenges can lead to opportunities and amazing innovations,” says Lena Pripp Kovac, Head of Sustainability, Inter IKEA Group. “For many years, sustainability has been an integrated part of our business and how we design products. To take the next step on our journey to inspire and develop better everyday living for the many people, we are further tackling wasteful consumption. This, of course, we can only do by collaborating with others to solve some of the biggest challenges we face together.”

As a step towards becoming a circular business IKEA aims at replacing all virgin polyester textile products with recycled polyester by 2020 Photo: Shutterstock
Further information: IKEA Newsroom

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