Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

Lake Balaton from space

Thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA), we now have a photograph of Hungary’s favourite lake taken from space.

The Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite took this spectacular photo of Lake Balaton on the 26 July.

Along with the photo, the ESA has also published a brief description of the lake, in which they mentioned that the emerald green colour of the lake seen in the photo is caused by its shallow waters and chemical composition.

Photo: ESA
Further information: European Space Agency

Enchanting landscapes in Hungary: Backwaters along the Tisza River

Riverbanks with ancient trees, a diverse birdlife, branches arching over the water: amazing backwaters await nature lovers along the Tisza River outside the town of Mártély in Csongrád County.

Tropical feeling in Hungary, at the Debrecen Spa

Hungary’s second most populous city, Debrecen, has its own thermal springs, today surrounded by a large spa complex. Those seeking medical treatment can go to the Thermal Baths, while leisure-seekers can enjoy the Mediterranean Water Park.

Ilona valley cascade: a secret waterfall in Northern Hungary

Many popular summer excursion destinations are by the water, be it a sunny seaside, a cool lake or a beautiful, winding river. Hungary has no sea shores to offer, but hikers can visit many amazing natural watercourses – one of them is the Ilona Valley waterfall in the Mátra Mountain.

Useful tips for using medicinal baths

Hungary has a great wealth of beautiful baths and spas, with water from medicinal springs awaiting visitors at a number of locations around the country. But what is the difference between medicinal water and thermal water, what are the benefits of medicinal waters and how long should we stay in thermal water?

One of Europe’s largest spa complexes: Hajdúszoboszló

One of Hungary’s best-loved baths awaits visitors seeking rest and healing all year round. The Hajdúszoboszló Spa is special not only on account of the recreational pools, the Aquapark and the 30-hectare outdoor pool complex, but also due to its unique medicinal water containing carbon dioxide.

The Szalajka Valley: fairy tale scenery in Northern Hungary

Mountain streams, waterfalls, trout, a narrow-gauge railway and beautiful natural scenery – everything is in place for an unforgettable hike in one of Hungary’ most popular excursion destinations, the Szalajka Valley, which has a number of excellent options for people seeking active recreation.

Hungary’s hidden treasure: the quarry lake on Mount Megyer

In an Internet vote, Hungarians put this truly special lake in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in the northeast of Hungary at the top of the list of the country’s natural wonders.

The healing waters of Northern Hungary: Eger and Mezőkövesd

The Eger Spa, with a history of over 500 years, offers radon-bearing medicinal water and leisure pools, while the Mezőkövesd outdoor spa has thermal water high in sulphur and a slide park for those seeking therapy or leisure.

Secrets of the Hortobágy, the great Hungarian puszta

Covering almost two thousand square kilometres, the Hortobágy steppe is a special place. It is also Hungary’s first and largest national park. It is the largest alkaline steppe in Europe, and a World Heritage sight full of wonders.

The ’blooming’ of the River Tisza – a wonderful natural phenomenon

Mayflies, also known in Hungary as ‘Tisza flowers’ swarm for a brief period of their lives out of the water, offering a unique natural spectacle along Hungary’s second largest river, the Tisza, and a few sunny sections of its tributaries.