Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

The Lukács Thermal Bath – one of Budapest’s oldest spas

The Lukács Thermal Bath whose operation dates back to the Turkish era, was the favourite bath of Mustafa pasha. It is said to have one of the most effective medicinal waters of Budapest.

Guests visited from all four corners of the globe and placed marble gratitude plates on the walls of the spa after being cured by their successful therapy. The current fun pool used to be a natural mud-pool that had an area covered by a roof as well, which was the capsule shaped winter mud-lake.

The spa has thermal pools, swimming and fun pools, a wellness area, saunas and various services. There is a drift corridor in the outdoor leisure pool, there are underwater jets, neck shower,
back-massaging jets hidden in the seats, whirlpool, jet-springs, jet-bed and many other water attractions.


  • Wearing-related spinal and arthritic illnesses, inflammations, nerve pains, calcium deficiency, treatment after injuries.
  • The drinking water is good for stomach and intestinal problems, the biliary tracts and the catarrh illnesses of the respiratory system.
The Lukács Thermal Bath is near Margaret Bridge, in Frankel Leó Road Photo: en.lukacsfurdo.hu
Further information: Lukács Thermal Bath

Lake Fertő: a world heritage site in Hungary and Austria

Lake Fertő is an increasingly popular destination for nature-lovers: it has a cycle path all around it, many exciting beauty spots, atmospheric small towns and inviting, beautiful landscapes. Although it lies partly in Hungary and partly in Austria, the open border means that the Fertő Region still forms a single unit.

The Sárvár Spa: recreation for the whole family

The Sárvár Medicinal and Wellness Spa, completed in 2002, is the largest bath complex in Western Transdanubia. The spa offers thermal pools, giant slides, kiddie pools, a climbing wall and wellness services to entertain visitors looking for relaxation and recreation.

Hagymatikum, the bath of baths

The small town of Makó in Hungary, famous for its excellent onions, has a veritable thermal bath complex in the town centre. On a plot of 12 thousand square metres, the complex offers 18 different pools, 8 kinds of saunas, a steam cabin as well as leisure, therapeutic and wellness services, offering visitors an unforgettable recreational experience.

The Miskolctapolca Bath: bathing deep in a cave

Along the with its pools of thermal water for those seeking its therapeutic effects, the unique Miskolctapolca Cave Bath also offers visitors an opportunity to bathe in naturally formed cave passages and chambers.

Underground boating

The most famous sight of the town of Tapolca is hidden underground and may be explored in an extraordinary fashion. The Tapolca cave lake, unique in Hungary, is not famous for its spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, but the underground boating that it offers.

Lake Bokodi, a floating village by the foothills of the Vértes Mountain

There is a special lake near Oroszlány, Hungary, by the foothills of the Vértes Mountain: meandering wooden piers and boardwalks lead to the small, red, blue and yellow cabins floating on the water. The Bokodi Lake is the artificial lake of the Vértes Power Station, but it offers a living
fairy-tale world for visitors.

Enchanting landscapes in Hungary: Backwaters along the Tisza River

Riverbanks with ancient trees, a diverse birdlife, branches arching over the water: amazing backwaters await nature lovers along the Tisza River outside the town of Mártély in Csongrád County.

Lake Balaton from space

Thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA), we now have a photograph of Hungary’s favourite lake taken from space.

Tropical feeling in Hungary, at the Debrecen Spa

Hungary’s second most populous city, Debrecen, has its own thermal springs, today surrounded by a large spa complex. Those seeking medical treatment can go to the Thermal Baths, while leisure-seekers can enjoy the Mediterranean Water Park.

Ilona valley cascade: a secret waterfall in Northern Hungary

Many popular summer excursion destinations are by the water, be it a sunny seaside, a cool lake or a beautiful, winding river. Hungary has no sea shores to offer, but hikers can visit many amazing natural watercourses – one of them is the Ilona Valley waterfall in the Mátra Mountain.