Preventing water crises
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Preventing water crises

The Lukács Thermal Bath – one of Budapest’s oldest spas

The Lukács Thermal Bath whose operation dates back to the Turkish era, was the favourite bath of Mustafa pasha. It is said to have one of the most effective medicinal waters of Budapest.

Guests visited from all four corners of the globe and placed marble gratitude plates on the walls of the spa after being cured by their successful therapy. The current fun pool used to be a natural mud-pool that had an area covered by a roof as well, which was the capsule shaped winter mud-lake.

The spa has thermal pools, swimming and fun pools, a wellness area, saunas and various services. There is a drift corridor in the outdoor leisure pool, there are underwater jets, neck shower,
back-massaging jets hidden in the seats, whirlpool, jet-springs, jet-bed and many other water attractions.


  • Wearing-related spinal and arthritic illnesses, inflammations, nerve pains, calcium deficiency, treatment after injuries.
  • The drinking water is good for stomach and intestinal problems, the biliary tracts and the catarrh illnesses of the respiratory system.
The Lukács Thermal Bath is near Margaret Bridge, in Frankel Leó Road Photo: en.lukacsfurdo.hu
Further information: Lukács Thermal Bath

The unique hot-water lake of Hévíz

Hungary is the country of spas and medicinal waters. Hévíz, one of the world’s largest biologically active thermal lakes, which offers healing and recreation on a surface area of almost 50 hectares is living proof of that.

Gellért Spa and Bath – An Art Nouveau Spa Hotel in Budapest

Gellért Spa and Bath is one of the leading natural hot spring spa baths in Budapest, Hungary. Gellért Hotel and Spa opened up shop in 1918. It was later expanded with an artificial wave pool and a bubble bath. The original artificial wave machine, first put to use in 1927, is still operational and is a special treat of the spa.

Spectacular drone photography of Lake Balaton

Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, has been an inspiration for many artists, and recently it has provided an award-winning theme for a new genre, drone photography. The professional jury at the 2018 Hungarian Drone Photo Awards, where more than 1000 submissions were received, gave the Grand Price to the extraordinary image that Bulcsú Böröczky has captured from the air.

Summertime at Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea

Lively crowds have always characterised Lake Balaton and its region. The spa life and tourism started to develop in the 18th century but first it was not based on the water of the lake but on the sparkling springs of the shore. First the turn of the 19th – 20th century, and later the years following World War II have brought a significant growth in tourism.

Margaret Island, a healing island in Budapest

Due to its charming beauty, Margaret Island – the green heart of Budapest – had from the very start been a favourite residence of royals. Its landscaping was initiated in 1790 by the Palatine of Hungary, Archduke Alexander Leopold of Austria and after his death the works were continued by his hugely popular younger brother, Archduke Joseph of Austria, Palatine of Hungary.

Beautiful aerial photography of Hungary’s waters

A special series of photos of Hungary’s lakes and rivers has been produced to mark World Water Day in March 2019. The aerial photographs highlight the great variety of the country’s natural waters.

Király Thermal Bath – A Small Turkish Bath in Budapest

The construction of the bath was started by the Turkish Arslan pasha in 1565 in order to have a bath protected within the city walls even during a siege. The Király Thermal Bath is one of the rare relics of the Turkish era that is a monument and offers the early ottoman bathing culture in its original splendour.

Mineral Waters – A Short Guide to Labelling

One can make a distinction between the bottled natural mineral waters according to the mineral content, composition and taste. The producers cannot write anything on the labels of mineral waters on their own, the minimum limits are regulated by strict laws all over the world.

Main Types of Mineral and Medical Waters

Mineral and medical waters are most frequently grouped according to their mineral content in professional literature with special attention to their medical effects. Medical waters are also mineral waters but with a proven medical effect.

Rudas Thermal Bath – A Historical Bath in Budapest

The newly renovated, historical bath in Budapest, the Rudas Thermal Bath is more than 500 years old. The Turkish bath, which is the center of the modern day spa was built during the Turkish rule in the 15th century. The dome of the spa is supported by 8 columns one of which is green, hence the name of Green-columned bath.