Recommended conference hotels for BWS 2016


Budapest conference hotels recommended by the organisers of the Budapest Water Summit 2016, with special rates for Summit participants. 

Show me Hungary!

It can be hard to become familiar with your destination from the other side of the world! While many people have written wonderful guides on Hungary and all aspects of its culture, sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Visit Hungary!

Hungary is full of contrasts – despite its position at the heart of Central Europe, it is certainly different too in so many ways! Its population is just 10 million, but has a rich and varied culture and a language like no other. 

Budapest – an Insider's View

If you think you know Budapest, think again! As the nation’s capital and largest city for hundreds of years, Budapest has stories and secrets, tales and troubles galore, if only you have the time to discover them and the assistance of a guide in the know.

Hungarian culture - Hungaricums

Hungaricum is a special term for a product or object that is typically Hungarian and represents the country. Some items that fit this description are food and beverage items, dealt with elsewhere, that we term edible Hungaricums.

Hungaricum Food and Drink

The term “Hungaricum” refers to any unique item, including food and drink, that is typically and intrinsically Hungarian.

Best Ruin Bars in Budapest

The phenomenon of the Ruin Bars or Ruin Pubs as they are sometimes know, is a modern tale of ingenuity and entrepreneurship.

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