Civil Fórum Előadások

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Mr Jean-Francois Donzier, Executive Secretary, International Office of Water, France Natural Water Retention Measures



Ms Viktoria Mohos-Naray, Senior Legal Advisor, Waterlex, Switzerland Start with the baseline: importance of country mapping



Ms Dimple Roy, Director Water Program, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada Watershed Governance in Canada and the world - a complex multi-faceted opportunity?


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Mr Ilya Trombitsky, Executive Director, ECO-Tiras, Moldova Experience of river basin management approach for confidence building in a divided country


Mr Mihallaq Qirjo, Acting Deputy Executive Director, Regional Environmental Center Building resilience in local communities of Drini and Drina rivers in South East Europe through raising capacities on water management. Lessons learnt form the implementation of CRESSIDA regional program.


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Mr Abdel Ali Laamari, Researcher, National Institute for Agricultural Research, Morocco Risk aversion and Water Management in the Irrigation Perimeter of Tadla-Morocco: Technology, Policy and Institutional implication



Ms Karin Lexén, Director, World Water Week, International Policy and Prizes, Sweden Transformation of behavior and new partnerships – a recipe for unlocking the food and water dilemma?


Mr Tomas Orfanus, Deputy Head of the Department of Soil Hydrology, Global Water Partnership, Slovakia The effects of forest roads on stormflow generation. Case study from south-western Slovakia


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Ms Meesha Tandon, Senior Manager, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, India Adopting Integrated Urban Water Management in Indian Cities



Ms Vessela Monta, Executive Director, International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, Switzerland [Type here] The contribution of Rainwater Harvesting to achieving water-related Sustainable Development Goals - the Blue Schools of IRHA



Mr Károly Kovács, President, European Water Association, Hungary Sustainable management and affordable development (DCC/LCC) as an artery of a living city



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Mr Cheng Zi Chew, Head of Serious Games, DHI Group, Denmark Serious gaming for serious impacts



Mr Tom Pearson and Mr. Tom Trainor, Team members, Rwenzori Hydro Team – University of Warwick, United Kingdom Utilising hydro potential in the Rwenzori Mountains, West Uganda to provide clean energy for local communities



Mr Igor Jezdimirovic, President of the Executive Board, Environmental Engineering Group, Serbia Network of young environmentalists as promoters of adaptation on climate changes



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His Royal Highness Prince Randy K. Alam Sogan, Chairman and President, Black Lion Holdings – Impact Investment Funds & Projects, Benin


Ms Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Executive Director, Global Community Initiatives, United States of America Public Money for Public Access: Monetary Solutions for Water Finance



Ms Joyashree Roy, Professor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, India Sustainable solution for rural drinking water access