Zoltán Kodály: It Rains in Town

The academic who was awarded Kossuth Price three times had been tirelessly composing all through his life of 84 years and has left an irreplaceable heritage to his descendants. The teaching method of the world famous Hungarian musicographer, composer and founder of the Hungarian musical pedagogy, Zoltán Kodály, is still in use all over the world from the United States of America to Japan. He composed only instrumental piano music in one period of his grandiose oeuvre between 1909 and 1920, one of the most beautiful pieces of this period is the one titled “It rains in town”.

The melody composed in 1910 was inspired by the verses of two immortal figures of impressionism: “It rains gently on the town” by Arthur Rimbaud and “The tears fall in my heart as the rain over the town” by Paul Verlaine. The runs of the piano piece characterised by a fine melancholy are speeding up and slowing down, displaying the changing rhythm of rain drops, the diversity of rain.