Dvořák: The Water Goblin; Rusalka

The musical career of the very prolific Czech composer Antonín Leopold Dvořák was slow to start, but the 15 pieces he submitted to an 1874 competition finally didn’t only bring him victory and recognition but also the friendship of Brahms. From then on, his work was rated in Europe and even in America.

His symphonic piece The Water Goblin was inspired by a poem he had read in a book of Slavic folk stories and ballads entitled Kytice (The bouqet), published by Karel Jaromir Erben. He was very fond of the collection, four of his six symphonic poems were inspired by stories he had read in it. This particular piece is about the tragic love of a water goblin and a human girl.

Dvořák:  The Water Goblin, Op 107

Dvořák wrote a similar piece of music that is actually based on the story of the little mermaid: the opera in three parts entitled Rusalka, which is one of the most popular Czech operas.

Dvořák: Rusalka