Fluid tastes

Soups have many fans all over the World moreover they have lovers, too. Some cannot imagine a meal without soup. Soups play an important role in almost all national cuisines. There are places where the menu is started with this liquid food, while in some Asian countries it is consumed between courses. 

Soups were considered as panacea, cure-all in the course of history, moreover, soup is girded with legends. It is no wonder since this type of food is not new-fangled soups were prepared in earthenware in the territory of England as far back as 6 thousand years.

With the spread of metal cauldron the history of soups had reached a turning point. Meat was added to the food till then consisting only of water and of some kind of grain or vegetable. Men of metal age endowed the course cooking in his kettle with psychical nature: sometimes they had religious offerings with soups for their gods.

The popularity of soups in Europe was brought on by the Renaissance. The vegetable and meat food offered with eggs and bread were often served as a separate course. Soon after crème soups were added to the menu. The first mentions of this novelty dates back to 1651, the French Francois-Pierre de La Varenne mentions it first in his cook book.

The rich, nutrient, stew-like soups were “invented” by the Normans. The preparation of such a dish is described in a cook book which dates back to 1325 as follows: they put rice flour and capon meat into a base cooked with almonds, almond milk and a lot of sugar.

Consommé had been and still is given to the sick in China as panacea, as “draught”. These dishes strengthen the body and soul besides having a healing effect and they don’t play the role of a starter food in the Far East. Rather they lead from one course to the other, neutralizing the “unwanted tastes”.

The “healing” effect of soups is far from being a legend. Their high water content plays an important role in the equilibrium of our fluid balance. The body of an adult requires approximately 1 – 2.5 litres of fluid daily and having a good soup provides us with a decent portion of it. But one has to be careful with the salt content of the soups, an excessive use of this spice can drain a lot of water from the body.

According to researches these liquid delicacies have a positive effect on the soul, too. Having a spoonful of soup reminds many of us of the happy moments of our childhood and most of the people consider the tasty golden meat soup as the best panacea for curing the common cold.