Fish Stew Fisherman Style

While there are written records of Goulash dating back as far as the 2nd century B.C., an ancient recipe could hardly be found of one of the most emblematic dishes of Hungarian cuisine, fisherman’s soup called “halászlé” in Hungarian. Although various types of fish soups are prepared since ancient times in almost all corners of the world, Hungarian halászlé is unique thanks to freshly grated tasty paprika, even though this spice has become an essential part of Hungarian gastronomy only from the 19th century. 

A Thousand Years in a Single Plate

Just imagine a table set for a Sunday lunch and a family sitting around it. Granny’s chicken soup is a natural, integral part of the lunch, a plate of real tradition.  No wonder, this wonderful dish is the essential part of a Hungarian’s life since the settlement of the Magyars in Hungary and it is not an exaggeration to say that even soup in pouch was invented by our ancestors.

Jókai Style Bean Soup

“Angel ankle boot with Greek rosary”. Would anybody know what does this lyrical expression mean? The answer: it is the favourite food, bean soup with pork knuckle, of one of the most outstanding writers of Hungarian literary history, Mór Jókai born in 1825.

The “Thrifty Soup” of Louis XV of France

Onion is the sacred plant of ancient Egyptians, it is one of the most popular ingredients of Hungarian cuisine and also – last but not least – a precious basis of French culinary art. Soup prepared from onion is known by the British, the German and the Spanish gastronomy but the moment we hear the expression “onion soup”, its French version comes to our mind.

The Legendary Gulyás Soup (Goulash)

One of the legendary dishes of Hungarian gastronomic folklore became widely popular both in Hungary and the neighbouring countries only in the Reform Era. The filling food which is not only pleasing to the eyes but of great taste, originally comes from the Great Plain (Hortobágy, Nagykunság) but nowadays it is served everywhere.

Fluid tastes

Soups have many fans all over the World moreover they have lovers, too. Some cannot imagine a meal without soup. Soups play an important role in almost all national cuisines. There are places where the menu is started with this liquid food, while in some Asian countries it is consumed between courses.