Zsóry Medical Spa and Beach

Zsóry Medical Spa and Beach is located in a historical environment, 4 km from Mezőkövesd, the “capital” of Matyó Land. The bath offers 21 pools on 11 acres of a beautifully landscaped park. A wave pool and other pools for adults and children, among them adventure pools, to ensure a refreshing recreational experience.

Medical pools, swimming pools and bubble baths of three different temperature as well as sauna and steam bath serve guests in the indoor pool open throughout the year. The water rich in sulphide – sulphur, containing also calcium, magnesium and hydrogen bicarbonate with free carbonate acid has been in use by now for more than seventy years. The water used here was officially certified as medical water in 1968 and it is used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, erosion of joints, injuries, and in orthopaedic post-operative treatments. It improves metabolism and strengthens the resistance of the human body.

Since 1986 Zsóry Medical Spa and Beach has been treating patients sent by the Locomotive Rehabilitation Centre and as a result of its enlargement in 2006 nowadays it can serve as many as almost 200 hospitalized patients at a time. Sauna World started operating in September 2011.  Bio sauna, infra sauna, aromatic and salt cabins can be found here besides the traditional Finnish sauna and steam room. The ice-well and the Kneipp-pool provide guaranteed enjoyment after the sauna. Whirlpool tubs and a therapeutic pool complement the renovation.

“Mezőkövesd-Zsóryfürdő” recreational area is officially a “health resort” since 2013 when it was awarded with this title. Guests are introduced to the cultural values in the homeland of Matyó folklore which is on the representative list of cultural heritages of UNESCO; the town famous for its first-class soccer and handball team also offers rich programs for sports lovers.


Address:  H-3400 Mezőkövesd, Napfürdő út 2.

Tel.:+36 – 49 – 412 – 844

Web: www.zsory-furdo.hu