When is water a healing water?

Not all mineral and thermal waters are healing waters as opposed to general belief. The use of the label “healing” is regulated by laws in Hungary, as it is – in fact – in most of the countries in the world.

According to the laws only those natural mineral waters can be labelled as healing waters which are proved to have a healing effect. The use of this labelling is subject to authorisation, it is granted by the National Directorate-General for Health Resorts and Spas (Országos Gyógyhelyi és Gyógyfürdőügyi Főigazgatóság, OGYFI). Only waters whose solute mineral content and chemical nature is constant and do not contain hazardous materials can be licensed to be used as bathwater. An additional condition for waters used for the purposes of drinking, bottling and inhaling is that they must have a proven healing effect.

There are approximately five hundred known thermal water sites in Hungary.  Nearly half of these are recognised healing waters. 120 wells provide us with natural mineral drinking water and fifty of those are bottled.