Thermal Bath Szent Gróth

Thermal Bath Szent Gróth (meaning: Saint Gróth) is located in the valley of River Zala in a 33 acres grove at the foothills of vineyards, in the midts of nature. The bath was opened in 2001 with the opening of the outdoor beach and in 2003 it was complemented with an indoor swimming pool section. As of today, 4 indoor and 5 outdoor pools are serving the guests.

Slides, massage benches, water jets and a water fall mushroom entertain the guests in the adventure pool that can be reached from the indoor pool section. In addition, a training pool, a 25-meter sports pool, a hot water sitting bath, a large pool, a pool with sitting benches and children’s paddling pools are to be found. The bath is operating seasonally, i.e. between 1st of May and 30th of September, and the services offered include saunas, steam baths and massage. Moreover, different other programs are also offered to the guests, like night swimming organised this year.

The well explored right on the border of the town provides the bath complex with high quality thermal water. Its special quality is well demonstrated by the fact that the same water extracted from 690 meters below the surface from the same strata is bottled as mineral water.


Address: H-8790 Zalaszentgrót, Templom tér 7
Tel: + 36 – 83 – 708 – 000