Thermal Bath of Bogács

Bogács is located at the foot of Mountain Bükk, in the valley of streams Hór and Szoros. The 76°C hot thermal water of the 480 meters deep wells was unearthed while conducting oil exploration and the village has rightly become famous for its bath offering a popular recreational site with a cosy atmosphere all year round.

During the summer season there are six pools with medical water on the territory of the bath welcoming guests. There is a giant Jacuzzi, an indoor pool, two children’s paddling pools (a children’s pool and a water playground), an infinity pool and a so-called Jurta pool (named after its shape since it looks like a yurt, which is a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia). During off-season, when the weather is getting cooler, one indoor and three outdoor pools with medical water are still in operation. Besides these pools, visitors are entertained by aqua Zumba, water gymnastics, festivals, various events, a multifunctional tartan field and night bathing.

The water of Bogács Thermal Bath was declared medical water in 2001. By its mineral content, the water is of calcium magnesium bicarbonate type. By its main biological agent it belongs to the group of sulphurous medical waters. These types of medical waters have various positive effects and provide the human organism with one of the strongest stimuli since sulphur is incorporated into cartilage. As a result, the medical water of Bogács effectively helps the healing of rheumatism, arthritis, musculoskeletal diseases and is excellent in treating bronchitis, gynaecological diseases, problems of the prostate, stomach, gall bladder and liver and also in the aftercare of various fractures. Calcium has an anti-inflammatory effect and because it is absorbed through the skin, it offers relief to patients with osteoporosis. It is also excellent as a drinking cure which can continue for a longer period, and it can also be used effectively in dental and oral care. When inhaled, it dilates the coronary arteries and has a positive effect in the prevention of atherosclerosis since the sulphur that is incorporated prevents the deposition of cholesterol.

As a speciality, the apartments of Thermal Bath of Bogács offer the guests perfect refreshment and recreation with an all-day entrance ticket and free of charge sauna usage. Jurta Resort welcomes groups, while the camping site provides recreation for nature lovers.


Address: H-3412, Bogács, Dózsa György út 16

Tel: +36-49-534-410