Thermal Bath and Spa of Nagyatád

The water of the drilled thermal wells has been used for more than a hundred years, since 1906, in Nagyatád, the city of parks and baths. The spa, located in the centre of the town in the park of Széchenyi Square, attracts visitors from faraway.  The thermal water suitable for both drinking and bathing cures is one of the most effective registered medical waters in the country. The outdoor pools located in the bath park as well as the whole territory of the bath welcomes guests all year round. 

Medical pools with water temperatures 32, 38 and 42℃ and tubs in separate halls welcome those seeking healing. The comfort of the visitors is served with the Finnish sauna and an atrium pool.

 Thanks to its mineral content, the medical water used in the pools is suitable for the treatment of degenerative disorders of the spinal joints, chronic inflammatory diseases, gynaecological disorders, post-fracture treatments, multiple sclerosis, locomotor, gastric and intestinal disorders. In the case of these latter, the water can be used as a drinking cure, too. In the bath renovated in 1997 and renewed in 2006, visitors are offered balneotherapy and different low and middle frequency electrotherapy treatments, as well as various massages. Healing cures are selected following a physical check-up.


Address: H-7500 Nagyatád, Széchenyi tér

Tel: +36 – 82 - 351-802; 82 – 553 - 590