Thermal Bath and Beach in Berekfürdő

During the well-boring works led by the pioneer of Hungarian thermal waters, Ferenc Pávai-Vajna, burst out the medical water spoken of only as “wonder spring” by locals of Berekfürdő which used to be just small homesteads in those times. The values of this wonderful place are perfectly matched by the slogan used by Beregfürdő nowadays since this fantastic place is truly the “gold of Great Cuminia” (which is, incidentally, a district in Central Hungary).

There are medical pools with neck, back and waist showers located in a wonderful green area currently of 8 hectares awaiting those who are seeking healing. Besides these, two thermal pools popular among children and adults alike and also a children’s pool and a swimming pool are in use.

There are two medical pools in the indoor thermal spa and also weight bath, curative massage, electrotherapy and underwater jet massage are offered in the same building for those who require them. Treatments are also available here paid for by the social security system upon prescription by rheumatologist specialists. Finnish sauna, pedicure and manicure services are also available besides medical treatments, as is a 50 meter long swimming pool, suitable for competitions.

The special components of the thermal water are excellent for curing rheumatologic illnesses and circulatory disturbances, also for easing the disorders of the nervous system and gynaecological problems, and it is very effective in rehabilitation after accidents, not to mention psoriasis, shingles and other skin diseases.

There are pavilions side by side with a stage located besides the medical pools presenting different programs from May through September, offering entertainment for the guests. Among the programs put on stage are performances of Hungarian songs, pop songs, operetta and opera pieces, folkdance, magicians’ and humorists’ shows. The comfort of visitors spending either a shorter or longer time here is served by the Thermal Camping and Guest House of Berekfürdő in addition to guest houses and chalets, which too are in service. The visitors can satisfy their hunger with real delicacies, like for example homemade scone and dishes characteristic for the region itself.


Address: H-5309 Berekfürdő, Berek tér 11

Tel.: +36-59-319-302 or 36-59-519-030