The renaissance of balneology

Hungarian balneology has been an internationally acclaimed profession from its very inception. The Hungarian Balneological Society was founded in 1891 as one of the first medical societies.

The hallmark of the society consists of famous professionals like Vilmos Tauffer, Lajos Markusovszky, Endre Hőgyes, Frigyes Korányi and Sándor Korányi (who can be seen in the picture).

The significance of balneology in European medical science has been acknowledged by the European Union of Medical Specialits (UEMS) recently and it did so by accepting balneological and medical hydrological trainings with high credit. This training was organized by the International Society of Medical Hydrology (ISMH), in Hungary.

Balneology is being rediscovered in a number of areas as a possible cost effective therapy. Nowadays when cost effectiveness just may be the most important expression in health in the World.