The land of healing waters

The Carpathian Basin is the region richest in thermal and medicinal water in Europe. Medicinal waters found here are outstanding for the number of kind of therapies they can be used for and also for their temperature. The host of the conference Hungary is not only thus a land of medical waters but also a balneological world-power.

Its water treasure and spa culture (which is several centuries old) are both real specialties providing the region with a perspective of development possibilities in medical wellness which is a segment of greatest perspectives.

Thanks to the special balneological properties the country is one of the richest in the world in terms of mineral and thermal waters. The resources are plentiful for many centuries to come. Natural waters warmer than 30 °C can be found on 4/5th of its territory, and Budapest in the only city in the world with twenty spas operated with medical water.

The richness in waters is due to the location of the country, i.e. to the fact that it is located in a low basin. Thermal waters found in Hungary are typically of much higher temperature than the average elsewhere, the reason for this is geological. The sediment rock-mass of earth's crust and the water reserve locked in it is heated to a much greater extent than elsewhere: while in most places on earth the temperature of subsurface water increases by 1 °C every 30 meters, in Hungary the incremental increase comes every 20 meters instead.

Only a handful of countries can compete with Hungary, in this respect. In regards to therapy diversity, Hungary has a good chance to become number one, since there is no other place on earth where medical waters capable of curing or preventing such a vast number of illnesses can be found in such density with regard to territory.. The most famous Hungarian medical waters can be found in Budapest, Harkány, Hévíz, Bükfürdő, Zalakaros, Sárvár, Gyula, Hajdúszoboszló and Debrecen.