Vulkán Spa

Approximately 1,600 square meters of water surface and eight pools are serving the guests at Vulkán (meaning in Hungarian “volcano”) Spa and Adventure Bath of Celldömölk located in an outstandingly beautiful environment at the foothills of the 5 million years old volcanic mountain, Ság.

Gránit Spa and Adventure Bath of Zalakaros

“The family bath of the Balaton region”, i.e. Zalakaros Bath is open all year round. During summer more than 5,500 square meters of water surface await the guests in an impressive 12 acres landscaped environment. In addition to being one of the most popular baths in the country, it provides the whole family with energy and offers experience to each of its members.

Thermal Bath Szent Gróth

Thermal Bath Szent Gróth (meaning: Saint Gróth) is located in the valley of River Zala in a 33 acres grove at the foothills of vineyards, in the midts of nature. The bath was opened in 2001 with the opening of the outdoor beach and in 2003 it was complemented with an indoor swimming pool section. As of today, 4 indoor and 5 outdoor pools are serving the guests.

Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre

One of the most well-known European and at the same time the second largest Hungarian spa and adventure bath is in Bükfürdő, which – with its most up-to-date sauna world and the special Medical Wellness Centre – offers a perfect recreation to each generation. The spa, located on 14 acres is a genuine complex serving guests longing for healing, relaxation and bathing with 32 pools and altogether with more than 5,200 square meters of water surface. 

Komárom Spa

Komárom Spa offering medical water of excellent quality is located in the heart of Komárom, also called the town of forts on the land of the ancient Roman territory of Brigetio. People longing for rest and healing are attracted by excellent recreational services in a picturesque environment.

Zsóry Medical Spa and Beach

Zsóry Medical Spa and Beach is located in a historical environment, 4 km from Mezőkövesd, the “capital” of Matyó Land. The bath offers 21 pools on 11 acres of a beautifully landscaped park. A wave pool and other pools for adults and children, among them adventure pools, to ensure a refreshing recreational experience.

Thermal Bath and Beach in Berekfürdő

During the well-boring works led by the pioneer of Hungarian thermal waters, Ferenc Pávai-Vajna, burst out the medical water spoken of only as “wonder spring” by locals of Berekfürdő which used to be just small homesteads in those times. The values of this wonderful place are perfectly matched by the slogan used by Beregfürdő nowadays since this fantastic place is truly the “gold of Great Cuminia” (which is, incidentally, a district in Central Hungary).

Füzesgyarmat Castle Park Spa

The well which was bored in 1965 in the garden of the Blanckestein Earls’ castle gushed from below the surface without any human intervention; the spa was opened four years later, on 19th of June, 1969. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful spas of the region the thermal water of which was honoured by the title “the Pearl of Sárrét” on 4th of November, 2003.

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