Sárvár Spa and Wellness Centre

Sárvár Spa and Wellness Centre welcomes its guest with an impressive scene right at arrival. Special architecture, practical, yet impressive inner and outer harmony await the visitors who are offered a special bath experience and regeneration in the unique medical water. No question, the most important attraction of Sárvár is the two types of medical water on which the bath culture of today is based.

In the surroundings of the settlement, 43°C warm water gushes from 1.200 deep in addition to 83°C hot water from 2.000 meters, the healing effect of which in treating various diseases has been known for decades now. The important components of the medical water of the exceptionally hot temperature are salt, bicarbonate, iodine, bromine, fluorine, and many trace elements. The high salt content thermal water is the base of the famous Sárvár Thermal Crystal produced from it by distillation; using the salt in bathing improves some locomotor, gynaecological and dermatological disorders. The alkali-carbonate water of the lower, 43°C temperature contains mainly sodium chloride, bicarbonate and trace elements, but does not contain sulphur or radon. This kind of medical water is excellent in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, is used in rehabilitation and in post-treatment of sports injuries and also in traditional muscle-relaxing baths. Besides traditional medical services, special treatments are offered to the guests looking for healing and recreation, the various treatments are individualized and their optimal selection is guaranteed by excellent rheumatology specialists.

Visitors are welcome in the impressive pool complex of Sárvár Spa consisting, among others, of an adventure pool, pools with medical water and a new family section. Time spent in the spa is guaranteed to be full of fun thanks to the family adventure pool offering slides, children’s pools, wave pool and baby world, complemented by different aqua elements like outdoor and indoor adventure pools, aqua canons and water jets. The offer is even more colourful in the summer when visitors can use a giant pool, a plunge bay, children’s adventure and leisure pools, wave pool and the most popular of all, the 3 storey high competition slide as well as three new giant slides, one of which also makes sliding  upwards possible.

Following bathing, pampering welcomes guest in the sauna world with outdoor and indoor Finnish saunas, soft sauna, Kneipp-pool, aromatic cabins and steam baths. The offer is complemented with colourful wellness and beauty treatments, in addition to various other specialities, making the time spent here even more fantastic, not speaking of the speciality of the spa: children are taken care of by graduate teachers who baby sit and entertain them all day long with puppet theatre, arts and crafts and funny games.


Address: H- H-9600 Sárvár, Vadkert út 1

Tel: +36 – 95 – 523 - 600

Web: www.sarvarfurdo.hu