Pápa Várkertfürdő (Castle Garden Bath)

Pápa Medical Bath and Spa was opened ten years ago, on the 8th of August, 2003. The bath, also called Castle Garden Bath (in Hungarian Várkertfürdő)  offers to its guests 17 pools, 7 giant slides, 4 children’s slides and different wellness and health preserving services. 

The bath offers entertainment, recreational and relaxation opportunity to each generation. Sports lovers can spend a fantastic time here as well as those looking for a quiet relaxation or physical and spiritual renewal. Besides the swimming pool, the thermal bath, the squash court and the gym, the wellness centre and the medical centre are all open throughout the year, while the pools of the bath, the giant slides, the diving tower and the outdoor sports fields await the guests during the summer.

Guests arriving with medical referral are offered different rheumatologic, physiotherapist and locomotive rehabilitation in the medical centre. Following a medical examination, patients are treated with up-to-date dry or water electrotherapy, medical massage, physiotherapy, weight bath, parafango, Glisson equipment, respiratory therapy and magneto therapy. With its mineral content of 4.410 mg/l, the medical water of Pápa is one of the eight best in Hungary.


Address: H-8500, Pápa, Várkertt út 5

Tel:  +36-89-51-600

Web: www.varkertfurdo.hu