Komárom Spa

Komárom Spa offering medical water of excellent quality is located in the heart of Komárom, also called the town of forts on the land of the ancient Roman territory of Brigetio. People longing for rest and healing are attracted by excellent recreational services in a picturesque environment.

Komárom Spa’s 62 °C thermal water gushes out from a depth of 1,268 meters; it was designated as medical water in 1967. Qualified professionals with extensive experience provide complex cures for the guests longing for healing. A beach, swimming pools, pools with thermal water, an adventure pool, as well as therapeutic and rheumatologic specialist consultations serve the guests in the Bath.

The place offers real fun for the children, too: a family chute and a smaller chute were added to the adventure pool. The Sauna World was expanded with an infra sauna, in addition to which Finnish saunas and a playground are also available to serve the guests who are entertained doing aquazumba during the weekends. Different lodging possibilities are offered, among them a Thermal Hotel and Camping, Solaris Camping and chalets.

The medical water of the spa is effective in the treatment of degenerative spine and joint disorders, in the rehabilitation process of orthopaedic injuries and of different neurosurgical interventions (e.g., surgery of slipped discs, postsurgical conditions and post-accident musculoskeletal disorders), and in non-acute stages of inflammatory rheumatologic diseases.


Address: H-2900 Komárom, Táncsics Mihály utca 34-36

Tel: +36- 34 – 342 – 551, extension number: 20

Web: www.komthermal.hu