Igal Spa

Igal is a nice little town located in the outer border of Somogy County in the southern-western region of Hungary known not only for its exceptional spa but also for the famous and popular European St Martin’s Pilgrimage, Via Sophianae crossing it. The spa operating all year round welcomes its guest with 13 pools and a 3 lane, 50 m giant slide.

The history of the Igal Spa dates back to the forties of the 20th century, when the first drillings were started. Similarly to the history of other baths, here, too explorers were searching for black gold but contrary to the initial theories suspecting oil deposits, 81℃ hot thermal water gushed from 650 meters deep and it has gained fame all over Europe since then thanks to its outstanding healing effect. At first two pools were opened on the 20th of August, 1962, which were winterized in three years’ time resulting in an all year round operation of the bath. The bath has been expanded and touched up in the following years, ever more pools and services added to entertain the visitors, whose number reaches 120.000 nowadays.

The special medical water of Igal contains alkaline chloride and hydrogen carbonate, and owing to its iodide ion content, it is classified as iodine water. Due to its high temperature and the mineral content it has an intensive biological effect. It supports the healing of rheumatoid locomotors diseases, post-traumatic circulation disorders and circulatory problems in general, joint diseases and it has a benign effect on chronic gynaecological complaints, urological problems, spinal illnesses and also many other problems. It is good for drinking cures. Due to the significant amount of bromine and iodine, it cures wounds, vascular fistula disease, while its bromine content improves insomnia and nervous agitation, the fluorite content protects against decay. The two indoor and two outdoor pools contain medical water of different temperatures and thus every guest can find the most ideal one.

As a novum, the most recent investment was completed in the spring of 2012, and as a part of this investment a children’s paddling pool, an adventure pool with a twister, a heated outdoor swimming pool,  sauna world, a Jazuzzi and two change rooms each with a capacity of 300 was built.


Address: H-7275 Igal, Rákóczi tér 30

Tel: + 36 – 82- 573 – 058

Web: www.igal.hu