Hungarospa, the Medicinal Spa of Hajdúszoboszló

Hajdúszoboszló is one of the biggest thermal baths of Hungary and it is also famous for having opened in 1937 the first and for a long time the only wave pool in the country. Hungarospa is one of the biggest bath complexes in Europe awaiting its guest equipped with medical, bath and children’s pools, wave bath and Jacuzzi, as well as outdoor and indoor competition pools located in a park of 3 acres. 

In 1925, as a result of a deep boring from approximately 1,100 meters under the surface, 75 ℃ hot, brownish water gushed out in Hajdúszoboszló and the water proved to be medical water containing iodine, bromine, salt and bicarbonate. Moreover, tests conducted also showed that it contains bitumen with estrogen bound to it and various trace elements, too. There is serious research going on in the spa and these prove that the water is outstandingly effective in the cure of various disease groups. More than forty different treatments are offered in the medical bath under medical supervision without medical referral and waiting list. Guests can request massage, mud-cure, weight bath, underwater massage, underwater physiotherapy, various electrotherapy treatments and the most modern soft laser, magnet and light therapy, among others. There are three indoor pools in the hall of the thermal bath with 32, 36 and 38℃ medical water.

The biggest attraction of the spa is the Aqua-Palace adventure bath recalling various eras and locations and entertaining the whole family offering exclusive adventure pools, baby and family pools, sauna world and numerous wellness and fitness services. There is an ice-cave pool, a cinema pool, a Páva thermal pool (Páva meaning in Hungarian peacock), a tropical , a Ganges, a Roman, a sea and a cave pool located in the 15 thousand square meter large Aqua-Palace water castle.

In the summer heat the different generations can chose from the thirteen pools of the 30 acre large beach. The greatest sensation of the beach is the Mediterranean seashore where a sandy coast, a privateer, a lighthouse and palm trees ensure the special atmosphere. The lovers of big splashes can chose from nine different fantastic giant slides, those looking for relaxation are enthusiastic about the lazy river while children about the water castle and the miniature slides.

Accommodation for the guests is offered either in Hungarospa Thermal Hotel or Thermal Camping and Hajdú Camping for the lovers of camping.


Address: H-4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István Park 1-2; Tel: + 36 – 52-558-558