Gránit Spa and Adventure Bath of Zalakaros

“The family bath of the Balaton region”, i.e. Zalakaros Bath is open all year round. During summer more than 5,500 square meters of water surface await the guests in an impressive 12 acres landscaped environment. In addition to being one of the most popular baths in the country, it provides the whole family with energy and offers experience to each of its members.

From 1965, the bath is being continuously developed and expanded according to the needs of the guests. Today there is an indoor-outdoor adventure pool and a complete medical centre in addition to the beach and the indoor swimming pool. Altogether 7 indoor and 13 outdoor pools serve the guests in the popular spa complex. More than 60 different moving, jumping, and gurgling torrential water attractions ensure the perfect entertainment of children in the unique “Vízipók Csodapók Children’s World” which is partly indoor since 2013. (Note: Vízipók Csodapók is a popular Hungarian cartoon, the hero of which is Vízipók, i.e., a swimming spider also called also Csodapók, meaning wonder spider.)

The water of the well providing Zalakaros Bath was recognised as medical water and the bath qualified as a spa in 1970. Due to its composition and the amount of the water resources, the 96 C° water gushing from deeper than 2,500 meters is one of the most significant medical waters. By its composition it is classified as alkaline chloride hydrogen carbonated medical water, containing at the same time iodine, bromide, sulphur and fluoride and as such it is a water of unique composition very rare in Europe.

This is how the medical centre could start its operation where traditional treatments and pampering wellness and medical wellness services are offered for the guests searching healing and recreation. The water of the spa is good for the treatment of numerous diseases and disorders, and it is effective even in problematic cases like the weakness of the immune system or post surgery and post injury. The most effective pain relief is ensured by the cure-like treatment conducted under medical supervision.

The guesthouse of Zalakaros Bath serves the guest with well-equipped comfortable rooms, and family apartments.


Address: H-8749 Zalakaros, Thermál u. 1

Tel: +36- 93- 340- 420