Füzesgyarmat Castle Park Spa

The well which was bored in 1965 in the garden of the Blanckestein Earls’ castle gushed from below the surface without any human intervention; the spa was opened four years later, on 19th of June, 1969. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful spas of the region the thermal water of which was honoured by the title “the Pearl of Sárrét” on 4th of November, 2003.

The spa is called Castle Park Spa from 1st of January, 2006. The name amalgamates the history of the region with the wonderful surroundings. With its pools of various temperatures and water composition, Füzesgyarmat Castle Park Spa offers a pleasant entertainment both to beach lovers and those seeking healing. It also offers to the visitors Finnish Sauna with a plunge pool and infrared sauna.

The spa as we know it today was completed in 2005 when a new building with thermal pools was added to the complex. The number of guests visiting the spa has been continuously growing as a result of development of the spa and camping in 2006. Approximately 110,000 – 120,000 visitors have fun in the Castle Park Spa annually. There is a 4 star camping with full public utilities for each of its 110 plots serving those arriving with trailers and tents.

The medical water, called “the Pearl of Sárrét” of Füzesgyarmat is recommended for the treatment of the following disorders: chronic inflammatory locomotion disorders, muscle rheumatism, follow-up treatment after accidents, bone and muscle surgery, chronic neuritis, neuralgia, lower back pain; follow-up treatment of Heine-Medin disease, chronic inflammatory gynaecological disorders, infertility, as well as general mental and physical exhaustion.


Address: H-5525 Füzesgyarmat, Kossuth u. 88

Tel: +36-66-491-148

Web: http://www.kastelyfurdo.hu/