Cserkeszőlő Spa and Beach

Cserkeszőlő, the most successful and most dynamically developing bathing resort of the region, is located in a wonderful natural environment bounded by rivers Körös and Tisza, in the micro-region Tiszazug. The settlement is a real holiday village and the medical spring has the warmest water with the highest mineral content in Hungary and it is probably one of the fastest-acting medical waters.

The story of the medical water of Cserkeszőlő started with the beginning of a futile oil exploration in 1942, when instead of black gold, 92 °C hot water gushed from the depths. It was not much appreciated in those times and thus the well was closed. But locals, driven by curiosity opened it again in 1948 and could not close it again. Farmers began to dig ditches to route the water because the well was located in the middle of an agricultural land where the hot water would have otherwise killed the vineyard and the fruit trees. This gruelling work had lasted for weeks before locals working daylong in the muddy water came to an interesting recognition. Those who till then had leg ache due to rheumatism or any other sickness, suddenly experienced the easing of their pain. This proved the medical strength and value of the water.

The development of the spa has been the main strategy of the village for decades now and thanks to it is has become famous not only in Hungary but also internationally. The spa and the beach, together with the hotel and camping site next to it, are open all year through. Nine pools located in a land of 8 acres  offer cooling off in the heat when the most popular attractions are the canvas slide, the wave pool and the tub pouring regularly several cubic meters of water on the bathers. During winter and also when the weather is cool, the complex three storey indoor facility operates on a thousand square meters with a giant slide and a lazy river waiting for those who are looking for special experience.

The medical water of Cserkeszőlő has the best effect in case of locomotor problems, chronic degenerative spinal and joint diseases, as well as osteoporosis, it is also used in rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery and post-accident rehabilitation, but it is excellent in curing different gynaecological diseases and some special forms of infertility. Inhaled it can help in some cases of asthma and offers a tranquilizing effect in case of nasal sinusitis. Various specialists, among them rheumatologists, dermatologists, orthopaedists and others offer their services without a waiting period.


Address: H-5465 Cserkeszőlő, Fürdő út 1/a

Tel: +36-56-568-466

Web: www.cserkeszolofurdo.hu