Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre

One of the most well-known European and at the same time the second largest Hungarian spa and adventure bath is in Bükfürdő, which – with its most up-to-date sauna world and the special Medical Wellness Centre – offers a perfect recreation to each generation. The spa, located on 14 acres is a genuine complex serving guests longing for healing, relaxation and bathing with 32 pools and altogether with more than 5,200 square meters of water surface. 

The popular bath, opened in 1962, received numerous people’s choice and professional awards. Its history has begun with a lucky coincidence: as the result of the oil-drilling initiated in the twenties and later continued in the fifties, in 1957 a 65-70 meter high water column gushed to the surface from 1,282 meters below. The treasure, i.e. the 58 °C water containing approximately 14,000 mg/l of minerals, opened a new chapter in the life of Bük and the surrounding settlements.

The medical water with its extremely high mineral water content has a unique effect on the body. It can be effectively used in the treatment of different locomotor and gynaecological disorders, as well as – in the form of drinking cures – gastrointestinal diseases, but it also has a beneficial effect in treating a number of other problems, like osteoporosis, arthritis and post-surgery and post-accident rehabilitation.

In a park with impressive trees casting shadows, indoor, semi-indoor and outdoor pools and a brand new relaxation complex lure guests longing for recreation. The slide complex offers an unforgettable experience, while the youngest ones can have fun in the children’s pool which may be used exclusively by them.

The therapies offered have been developed based on the healing effects, and the wellness-fitness treatments offered in the new Medical Wellness Centre and serving the objective of health preservation, are conducted under the supervision of excellent specialists.


Address: H-9740 Bükfürdő, Termál krt. 2

Tel: +36-94-558-080

Web: www.bukfurdo.hu