Aquarius Adventure Park and Spa

Aquarius Adventure Park and Spa is located in a 320 acre park embraced by a picturesque oak forest, less than 6 km from Nyíregyháza. The bath, renewed in 2011, is one of the bath paradises of the country with a large green surface where a kamikaze water slide, Jacuzzis, various water entertainment equipment, adventure trails, a pirate boat, a 50 meter competition pool and a number of other unforgettable memories are offered to the visitors.

The bath was opened in 2005. The new bath complex, located in a 1.7 acres park has eleven pools and seven slides and was built as part of the tourism development program of the Széchenyi Plan.

The adventure pool of Aquarius offers special entertainment. The wild water stream channel welcomes the guests with water streams, a water curtain and a cave, while among the seven slides there is a kamikaze, a family, a great slide and the famous black hole slide with light and sound effects. The smallest ones are entertained in a fabulous children’s world offering pools, slides, an Inca ruin temple, a treasure island and other fun elements.

While building the bath, special attention was paid not only to entertainment but to elements serving health purposes, so the indoor thermal pool offers a bottom-blower press bench and 6 neck showers, while the outdoor recreational pool 6 neck showers and 6 side massage equipment. There are separate pools for the users of Kneipp cure. The medical water is best for treating musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases, gynaecological problems and is also effective in post-accident rehabilitation.


Address: H-4431, Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő, Szódahát u. 18; Tel: +36-42-500-106