Agárd Thermal Bath and Spa

Agárd Thermal Bath and Spa is a health island located in an unmatched environment.  It offers various entertainment and recreational services to each member of the family in addition to its medical water with alkali, hydrogen carbonate, chloride, sulphate, calcium and fluorine content and a temperature of 58Co gushing up from a depth of one thousand meters.

The in- and outdoor pools with medical water welcome guests with altogether 600 m2 water surface. The medical water of Agárd is rich in mineral elements and is primarily recommended to ease or eliminate rheumatism, wear, musculoskeletal disorders, gynaecological problems, and the relief of certain surgical pains. Approximately 200,000 guests seek relief annually with the help of balneotherapy and physical therapy offered in the bath. 

The favourite of the families is the 180 m³ leisure pool in which lying and standing massage equipment, water knives and geysers ensure a special experience. The sauna garden is also popular among the visitors where various Finnish, infra and aromatic saunas, combination steam cabins, a splashing pool, a Jacuzzi and a resting room with glass walls offering a Mediterranean atmosphere welcome the guests. The various sauna sessions are also very popular. A 500 m² adventure park located in a wonderful wooded parkland and a 150 m² modern, amusing indoor playhouse are there to entertain the children.

There is a camping site (Termál Kemping) with 64 plots just besides the Bath for those who wish to spend more time in Agárd and in the bath.


Address: H-2484 Agárd, Fürdő tér 1

Tel: +36-22-579-230