You cannot start too early – an environmentally conscious premiere at the Pesti Magyar Theatre

The magical world of fairy tales and the theatre have a strong influence on the development of children’s personalities, the unfolding of their creativity and imagination. The stories heard and seen in childhood also have an important role in shaping attitudes: the foundations of the next generation’s system of values are laid in fairy tales.


Those views are shared by Mária Hedry, the author of the children’s play entitled Mira Fairy, an environmentally conscious piece that has been staged by the director Róza Juhász in Budapest after a first run in Veszprém.

Kata Gáspár as Mira Fairy at the Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém

The key message of the children’s play is that we should protect are natural assets, and water in particular. Heroes from folk fairy tales help the children realise how we exploit nature and use its treasures for selfish purposes. The play also offers solutions, the actions we need to take to protect the environment, and urges its child and adult audience to be active and aware. The play transmits its serious message in an entertaining yet thoughtful manner.

The children’s play will premiere at the Pesti Magyar Theatre on the 5th of November.

Photo source: the Veszprém Petőfi Theatre