Year after year, increasingly severe floods hit Europe

River floods caused by the heavy rains since the end of May have claimed lives in Germany, France and Romania, too.

Flood in Germany (Source: MTI)

The first estimates produced last weekend show that the damage caused by flooding in Bavaria, Germany, exceeds one billion euro – the Hungarian News Agency reported. In a newspaper interview, Barbara Hendricks, the Bavarian Minister for the Environment, said that while appropriate early warning systems operate along the larger rivers such as the Danube and the Rhine, preparations must also be made along smaller watercourses to predict and avert disasters, so she would initiate the development of a specific plan for that purpose.

Flooded camp site 80 km from Paris (Source: MTI)

In France, the capital still had no electricity on 5 June. The Seine flooded to a height of 6 metres, and while that figure fell short of the highest ever level of 8.6 m measured in 1910, Prime Minister Francois Hollande, who promised support to local municipalities to help with restoring the damage caused by the flood, noted that the unusually heavy rainfall in June was an indication of the necessity of action against climate change – said a report from

In Romania, heavy rain caused flooding along several rivers in the Eastern Carpathians. The floods also claimed lives, and several towns have gone to red weather alert. The lower-lying streets of Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc) were flooded by the swollen waters of local streams.