Water in the most beautiful Hungarian nature photos – exhibition on a fence in Budapest

An exhibition on a fence showing 41 of the most beautiful Hungarian nature photos has been opened in Budapest, in the Castle Garden Bazaar. The works of the 26 Hungarian nature photographers show the topic of the exhibition, water, in a great variety of ways and styles.

Hungarian nature photography is known and respected around the world, there are no global competitions at which there isn’t a Hungarian name among the award winners. Hard work, perseverance, a creative approach and a unique perspective do yield results. No words, no ideas can be more evocative than a moment captured on camera.

That was the objective of the team of the Mai Manó House and Milán Radisics, the curator and editor of the exhibition on a fence, himself a recognised nature photographer.

“The styles and motivations of the 26 Hungarian nature photographers differ. The photos are varied and diverse – just as the theme of this exhibition, water, is. Therefore I didn’t contain the images in frames or organise them into chapters. I selected them so as to allow a free dialogue between the works. 41 photos: let a drop of dew talk to the sea, ice to mist, inland water to the ocean, the water-strider to the shark, the depths of the ocean to tall mountains, local landscapes to foreign ones, purple drops to green ones, polar ice to tropical shower, untouched nooks with urban views. The small with the big, the digital with the analogue, the connected with the disjointed, so as to allow the viewer to form a third image in the mind after viewing any two. The more people, the more often. And perhaps this will burn the final message into people’s retinas, and they will carry it far: let us respect, admire and love our blue planet!”, said Milán Radisics about the creation of the exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition on a fence was inspired by the 2016 Budapest World Water Summit, to be held 28-30 November, whose motto is “Water Connects”, and whose chief patron is János Áder, the President of the Republic of Hungary, and member of the High-level Panel on Water. The exhibition, organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Human Capacities, can be viewed free of charge on the lower promenade of the Castle Garden until 2 January 2017.

“Water is a central theme in the arts, it inspires and makes us think. The special photographs exhibited at the exhibition on a fence also make us think, not only about the moments they depict, but also about whether we appreciate the wonders of nature still here around us sufficiently Water brings together and connects persons, generations, nations and cultures, and it also implies a shared responsibility. The Water Summit aims to promote the notion that instead of a source of global conflicts and risks, water should be a source of cooperation, peace and development for all the countries of the world committed to sustainable development”, said István Joó, the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for the preparation of the 2016 Budapest World Water Summit and the implementation of the Danube Region Strategy.