Water from air – a new, innovative solution for dealing with water scarcity

As we have reported previously, all around the world, researchers are working on innovative solutions to the increasingly severe problem of water scarcity. A working group of VICI-Labs, the University of California, Berkeley, and the American National Peace Corps Association has developed an innovative solution based on the theory of the water cycle.

The device, named the WaterSeer, can produce drinking water using condensation technology without electricity or chemicals. The unit can produce 37 litres of excellent quality drinking water per day. It is simple to operate and environment-friendly with minimal maintenance costs and simple installation. Under the tower-shaped superstructure, in a cool, metal-lined condensation cavity, hot air cools down suddenly, so its water content condenses on the metal lining. The water collected in this way offers a solution for the inhabitants of desert areas without infrastructure.

You can read more about the device on the WaterSeer website.

The innovation’s principle of operation.