Water Connects – Important messages in the logo and the slogan of the Budapest Water Summit 2016

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 is going to be an unprecedented, highly important event as regards its objectives as well as the decision-makers involved. Therefore the logo and the slogan of the Budapest Water Summit 2016, which has almost reached global brand status, carry important messages for the world.

The first message of the single drop of water in the logo of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 is a warning, a call to action that builds on the expression “the last drop”, indicating that we are at the last moment, we need to take action immediately: novel and efficient solutions are required for sustainable water management.

The second message has deeper connotations: the proportion of the freshwater reserves that all living organisms on Earth must share to the planet as a whole is indicated by the proportion of the little drop in the logo to the globe around it. If we look at the actually available part of the freshwater reserves, the situation is even more dramatic: only 3% of the planet’s reserves of water are suitable for human consumption, and even two thirds of that water is difficult or impossible to access.

The third message is the also critical fact that 80% of the challenges of climate change are associated with water.

“When we designed the logo and the slogan for the Budapest Water Summit 2013, it was as yet unclear whether it would be a one-off event in Budapest, or whether it would become an internationally known brand. After the significant successes of the 2013 summit, the creative team decided to develop the logo and slogan from three years before (“Give the Future a Chance”) so as to find a universal and thought-provoking solution that underscores the importance of the 2016 world summit, which is all about finding solutions” – said István Joó, the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for the preparation of the Water Summit.

The strategic objective of the Budapest Water Summit  2016 is to connect political decision-making successfully with the potential solutions offered by capital, knowledge and technology and the non-government organisations that play a key role in the social entrenchment of the processes.

Based on that objective, the slogan of 2016 BWS is “Water Connects”, with the primary message that water, which knows no borders, urges us to develop new kinds of cooperation; it connects water management, industry, agriculture, healthcare and education, as well as countries, regions, generations and cultures, and it is also the ‘source’ of achieving all the sustainability targets with a key impact on all our futures.

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