“WASH in School” water and hygiene project – Hungarian help in Tanzania

The “WASH in School” water and hygiene development project of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta (HCSOM) serves to support the objectives of the National Health Policy launched by the Tanzanian Ministry of Health. The Service started its capacity extension and complex hygiene program in 2014 in a heavily disadvantaged elementary school in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, and completed it by August 2015. The development was the fourth mission of the HCSOM in East Africa, and as a result, some two thousand young people in elementary education have received access to legal and clean drinking water as well as the basic sanitary services that are essential for their health.

Stable access to water is provided by a newly built ten-thousand-litre water reservoir connected to the water network and water collection fields that were also renovated as part of the program. In addition, a number of high capacity sanitary facilities were also built with a sewerage system and educational and community rooms. A part of the electricity network that operates the system has also been renovated, and further replacements of parts of existing equipment is planned. The program also contains educational components for the school’s students and teachers in order to develop basic hygiene skills and to teach them to perform the maintenance tasks associated with the new facilities.

The project represents the Charity Service’s partial, but adequate and successful responses to one of the greatest global humanitarian challenges of our times, with 9.4 million forints in support from the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Several million people of the population of Tanzania do not have daily access to clean drinking water, and basic sanitation is not available to almost 5 million people, while globally, almost 80 countries are suffering severe water supply shortages and diseases resulting from poor hygiene and the insufficient availability of water cause several thousand casualties each week.

Further information: http://www.maltai.hu/?action=new&newid=1726