Unprecedented rains and flooding in Louisiana

This August, the most severe flood in its history hit Louisiana, one of the southern states of the United States. In some parts of the state, record rainfalls of 18-25 cm fell in a very short time, destroying over forty thousand homes. The emergency, declared on the third day of very heavy rains, was expected to get worse as further rain and storms were predicted for the region. The Washington Post noted that the “no-name storm” dumped three times as much rain on Louisiana as Hurricane Katrina.

Source: AFP/MTI

According to reports, the floods caused 13 deaths in the first week of the disaster. According to the Red Cross, the flooding that covered the entire territory of the state was the worst disaster to hit the United States since Hurricane Sandy.

The Coast Guard, the National Guard and local disaster management organisations joined forces in the rescue effort, moving thirty thousand people to safety in one week. In some areas, rainfall of such magnitude had not been seen since 1962. The situation was the worst in the state capital Baton Rouge and its vicinity, where there was almost 30 cm of rainfall in 24 hours. While the rains devastated Louisiana, the East Coast of the United States was being blasted by a heat wave.

Summary article, CNN update: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/18/us/louisiana-flooding/

A video of rescue volunteers saving a woman and her dog from a sinking car is going viral on the Internet.