The results of the international photo and video competition entitled “Water Connects” have been announced

The awards ceremony of the international competition was held in the evening on the 15th of October, at the Capa Centre. Along with a presentation of the 10 best photo and video entries selected by the jury, the winners of the individual categories were also announced at the ceremony. Competitors from 40 countries around the world as well as members of the public interested in works of art inspired by water could follow the event via a live broadcast.

The international photo and video competition entitled “Water Connects” was opened by the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre in conjunction with the 2016 Budapest World Water Summit for competitors from Hungary and abroad, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Human Capacities. Photographic works – series of three to six photos – and short videos – up to 90 seconds – produced after the year 2000 could be entered in the competition.

1094 entries were received by the closing date, of which 740 were consistent with the competition’s criteria. The magnitude of interest is indicated by the fact that for an entire month, photographers from 40 countries of the world were uploading entries at an average of one per hour. 701 photo series and 39 videos were finally accepted for the competition. The jury that assessed the received works consisted of Gabriella Csizek, the Artistic Director of the Manó Mai House, the director Viktor Horváth, Gabriella Lonkai, political advisor to the Ministry of Human Capacities, the photographer Dániel Kovalovszky, and Ábel Szalontay, DLA at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and director of the Media Institute.

“Water is a central theme in the arts, the source of life and the origin and final destination of all forms. Water unites and connects. Water unifies people across generations, nations and cultures: water is a source of cooperation. That is why we are particularly happy that the slogan of the 2016 Budapest World Water Summit has inspired so many artists. The World Summit is intended to assist with ensuring that instead of global conflicts and risks, water become a source of cooperation, peace and development in all the countries of the world that support sustainable development.” said István Joó, Ministerial Commissioner responsible for preparations for the 2016 Budapest World Water Summit and the implementation of the Danube Region Strategy, who congratulated the competitors present in person.


Winners in the photo series category

  1. st Prize: Tamás Richárd Tóth, “Flood”
  2. nd Prize: Ora Hasenfratz, “Turks&Caicos”
  3. rd Prize: Silvio Severino, “Balaton”


Winners in the short video category

  1. st Prize: Valentin Voronov-Gvozdinsky, “80%”
  2. nd Prize: Viktória Berki, “A Single Drop”
  3. rd Prize: Máté Filep, “No matter…”


The best entries received valuable prizes, and the ten best entries in each of the categories are presented in an exhibition at the Manó Mai House and on the Capa Centre’s website.