Water funds may become an attractive investment target

Industrial demand for clean water continues to increase rapidly, yet investment in water protection funds is still not popular with institutional investors. In general, they tend to believe that water management projects do not achieve even the average of infrastructural investment projects, which is why a news item published in July in the Financial Times is particularly significant: Resonance Asset Management, a fund manager in London, has created a fund of 300 million dollars specializing in industrial water treatment, which has garnered interest from 6 important international institutional investors.

Cutting edge laboratory for testing drinking water at the institutions of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer

At the end of July, a newly developed laboratory for the efficient testing of freshwater reserves and drinking water covering all sources of contamination was introduced by the Chief Medical Officer at the National Public Health Centre (NPHC).

The Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center announces international photo and video competition with the title "Water Connects"

Water is not only an indispensable resource for life, it is also one of the most universal themes for the artists of all eras. This fundamental element has ruled the fate of civilizations throughout history, and our everyday lives are also inconceivable without it. It may well be impossible to list all the forms in which it is present in our lives day after day. On the occasion of Budapest Water Summit 2016, the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center wishes to offer the many aspects of water as inspiration for anyone ready to share their photographic or video creations with the general public between 1 and 30 September.

The József Eötvös College of Higher Education at Baja is starting its Hyrdogeodesy and Hydrometry Summer School

A practically oriented summer school is organised at Baja by the Institute of Water Construction and Water Management of the József Eötvös College of Higher Education.

Countries need to act urgently to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

It was with the above admonition that, on 21 July, the Bertelsmann Foundation published its report entitled Index and Dashboard produced in cooperation with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

Clean water for the future of Congolese children!

The Foundation for Africa, which has been operating for 14 years, was established to help disadvantaged children. They continue to strive to provide quality educations for more than the almost 500 African students, and to take the best possible care of the 11 orphans they currently support. The Foundation operates in Kinshasa, primarily supported by donations from Hungarians.

Art, development of Lake Balaton, sustainability

The ARTplacc Festival of Contemporary Art and Design, starting at Tihany on 21 July, is focussed on environmental awareness, sustainability, and the development of the Balaton Region.

Interesting facts about the Danube for International Danube Day

The countries of the Danube river basin have been celebrating Danube Day on 29th June since 2004, the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Danube River Protection Convention. The international day aims to focus attention on one of Europe’s most beautiful natural features and to inspire cooperation for the protection of the valuable features of the river and its catchment area.

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