International Danube Day: 29th of June

The countries of the Danube river basin have been celebrating Danube Day on 29th June since 2004, the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Danube River Protection Convention. The international day aims to focus attention on the wonderful river that we use daily, and to create a sort of Danube solidarity in order to preserve the river’s valuable qualities.

The international website of Danube Day has details of official events throughout Europe. The Hungarian programme was launched with the slogan “Take action for the Danube and the Tisza”. At Children’s Island, International Danube Day was celebrated on the 25th. In Tiszakóród, based on a long tradition of close links between the two towns, a joint event with the Ukrainian town of Galabor was held on the 28th of June, starting with a recycling campaign and fish painting for children.

“If my water is clean, my sturgeon can swim”, placed 1st in Hungary's Danube Art Master competition, International Danube Day 2013

On 30 June, at a seminar entitled “Murky? The Danube was Wise and Great”, István Joó, Ministerial Commissioner responsible for the implementation of the EU’s Danube Region Strategy, presented the achievements of the Danube Strategy. Dr. Sándor Rácz, County Chairman of the Confederation of Social Associations discussed the role of the river from the perspective of a city on the Danube’s banks (Győr), and another contribution was made by Dr. László Perger, coordinator of one of the priority areas in Hungary, the water quality issue. The seminar was organised by European House / Danubiana Network, the Confederation of Social Associations and the Federation of Management and Scientific Associations.