Initiatives for providing drinking water to those in need are invited for the Water Air Food Awards

The Water Air Food Awards programme was founded by Tina Lindgreen, a Danish executive coach, in 2006. Its objective is to showcase programmes and projects that make effective contributions to the eradication of starvation and drinking water shortages anywhere in the world.

The  2015 award finalists were from Nepal, Haiti and China – countries where drinking water pollution is a serious problem. The submission deadline for 2016 entries is the 26th of June. The organisers have invited exceptional projects and achievements that provide drinking water, clean air and food to those in need. Eligible entries are projects currently underway that have had specific positive effects for at least two years.

It is an important selection criterion that entries should model new or good practices in deprived areas, and that they should contribute to both socio-economic development and protection of the environment. Projects should offer new, better opportunities to the members of the communities involved, they should include opportunities for further development and they should also present their applicability to other communities.

The projects selected will play a priority role in the “Bring Them To The World” global promotional campaign. The final winner will be selected in a public vote.