Improving hygiene conditions in Kenya using solar cells

The mission of the Taita Foundation is to provide material and moral assistance to families living on the periphery of Kenyan society and children living in orphanages. They send volunteers to assist with appropriate healthcare for the children they support, to provide education to disadvantaged families and to prepare them for the labour market in order to improve their conditions of life. In addition, the Foundation also makes a special point of promoting African culture and people in Hungary, creating links between Hungarian and African schools and supporting existing relationships.

They built a dam and an irrigation system on the stream that runs through the plot of the orphanage, which increased the yield of crops, and they also built a water reservoir with the assistance of the Hungarian Embassy in Kenya. The Foundation has installed new showers and toilets in the Kenyan orphanage it supports.

As a result of their project that received 6.9 million forints in support from Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they built a solar cell system in order to provide an environment-friendly, continuous power supply for the orphanage. In the interest of sustainability, staff were trained to operate and perform maintenance of the system. The project also has a direct impact on teaching environmental awareness. To provide appropriate bathing facilities for the children, the sanitary block was refurbished to improve the water supply to the orphanage, and new units were also added. Among other things, it has reduced the risk of infections and the number of colds, thereby also cutting medical bills.


The Foundation provides support for the education and healthcare of the children at the orphanage, as well as the operation of the nursery school and school operating there. Three children are attending higher education, one is in a secondary vocational school, four are in secondary education, while the rest (about forty kids) study at the school of the orphanage.


In the long term, they plan to extend the activities of the Foundation to other parts of Kenya, and they wish to involve volunteers in various areas of their work both in Hungary and in Kenya.

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