Hungarian stamp published on the occasion of the Budapest Water Summit

“Water is one of the most important issues of the 21st century”, said President János Áder, in whose presence the Hungarian Post Office unveiled a unique stamp on the occasion of the 2016 Budapest Water Summit at the Sándor Palace.

At the presentation ceremony, the president emphasised that accessible freshwater suitable for human consumption constitutes only 0.007 percent of the Earth’s total stock of water. And we keep polluting even that amount, while the population of the planet is increasing. We have 15-20 years left to avert a global water crisis. It is not simply a matter of being able to grow enough food: industrial development, environmental sustainability and healthcare are all dependent on water, while water scarcity may lead to political conflicts.

“In 2013, a successful Water Summit was held in Budapest, and the ideas formulated there were incorporated in the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations”, recalled János Áder, who added that based on predictions, applicants and the businesses giving presentations, this year’s summit can be expected to be equally successful.

The president emphasised that Hungarian stamps are deservedly world famous, as they are among the best in the world in terms of aesthetic qualities, visual impact and the quality of graphic art. The stamp issued for the Water Summit reflects the main message and the slogan of the summit: water connects.


CEO of the Hungarian Post Office Zoltán Illés noted that the stamp published in eighty thousand copies is an excellent instrument for calling attention to the importance, the value and the protection of water. The 400-forint framed stamp designed by the artist Anita Laczkó, available for purchase from Monday, depicts a bird formed from drops of water rising from the waves, Zoltán Illés added.

Source: MTI